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Anxiety and first pregnancy is not the most friendly pair. On some days I was scared I will lose my mind. So imagine how immensely grateful I am for Doctoora mamaville antenatal services. The health professionals walked with me throughout the pregnancy till my son arrived.

Mrs. Ikechukwu Chinaza:

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Head Office: 11, Criag Street, Ogudu Rd, Lagos, Nigeria


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We understand that you are busy, that’s why we created Doctoora to help you access health and wellbeing services where you are. At Doctoora we know that proximity and convenience play a big role in the speed at which you seek healthcare services.

Access quality convenient health professionals and facilities anytime anywhere, from home visits to fully functional facilities around the corner.

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Its sometimes hard to keep track of your appointments, feedback and doctors, that why we create the Doctoora dashboard.

Reefer back to old appointment records, prescription and conversation.

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Our Mission

To create healthier communities in Africa, by connecting healthcare consumers & professionals to quality healthcare experiences.

We want to make Nigeria a hub for medical tourism.

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Africa First

Healthcare in Africa has been one story for a long time, we want to change that. Starting with Nigeria we are creating an Africa centric healthcare infrastructure build tailored for the people.

Operating in Lagos, we have expanded this year to some pilot location in Ibadan, Abuja etc. We plan to expand to Ghana and other African nations in the next year.


We are a team of innovative Doctors, Nurse, Designer and developer, striving to create the health services that future African nations will need.

Doctoora team

Dr Debo Odulana (MBBS, MSc)

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Debo is the founder and CEO at Doctoora e-health Ltd and Doctoora consulting where he leads the performance improvement service stream. Debo is a medical doctor and healthcare management consultant with experience in clinical service delivery, healthcare operations management, marketing, strategic planning, performance improvement and innovation management gleaned from career endeavours in the Middle East, England and Africa.

Doctoora team

Miss Beatrix Wu (RN, MSc)

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Miss Beatrix Wu leads the operations unit at Doctoora E-Health Ltd. She is an experienced nurse & healthcare change manager with significant experience in nursing education, healthcare commissioning, resource allocation and operations management. An alumnus of the Chinese University of Hong-Kong, she also holds a masters degree in International Health Management from the Imperial College Business School.

Doctoora team

Dr. Shakirah Aregbesola

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Director

Dr. Shakirah (Aregbesola) Saliu, MD. is a physician, medical blogger and M-health enthusiast.She is a passionate, dedicated and highly motivated general practitioner with a wealth of experience and expertise in caring for individuals of diverse cultural backgrounds. She holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) from the University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Doctoora team

Miss Alecia Esson

Co-Founder - Chief Product Officer

Alecia is a product designer interested in startups and entrepreneurship as economic drivers, working at the intersection of business, technology, and design as head of product at Doctoora, she takes a user-driven approach to product development and innovation. She has worked on projects from urban empowerment (Massive Small), which used crowdfunding to create a movement to engage and empower urban citizenship, to healthcare such as Doctoora which she is committed to making Africa’s first health platform focused on African people’s needs.